How To Prevent a Leaking Roof

Is your roof leaking water into your home after a storm? Are water spots developing on your ceiling or walls? A roof is designed to shed water away from your home. A leaky roof means something is wrong with your roof. There is truly nothing worse than a leaky roof, as a roof should protect and shield our family and belongings from the elements. A leaky roof should be diagnosed and treated quickly, while taking preventative measures to ensure more leaks do not develop in the future.

Proper Installation

As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. A properly installed roof is important to avoiding leaks. If a roof is not installed properly, it could lead to leaks even before the end of your roofs functioning life. This is why it’s so important to have a licensed and certified roofing contractor install your roof from the get-go.

As we have worked on roofs throughout the Denver metro area, we have een many patched and coated roofs. On some extensions and roof decks, they may not be properly installed or adhered to the home, causing leaks and water damage from the additional extension and remodeling jobs performed. It can be more expensive having numerous repairs than having a quality roofing contractor install your roof properly the first time.

An improper installation may not always be able to remedied through repairs. It may require a full roof replacement in order to remove the improperly installed roof, and to put on a new one. This is why it is important to not go with the cheapest option, but rather with the roofing contractor that offers the best warranty, material and has the best track-record in the Denver community.

Maintain Your Roof With Inspections

Just like with any investment or asset that you may have, such as your car or boat, you need to maintenance and care for your roof. You take your car into a dealership or mechanic every few months for maintenance, and tire rotation and oil. Similarly, your roof needs to be inspected and maintained before small problems turn into larger ones.

Over the lifetime of your roof, it will experience 100’s of storms in the Denver area. We receive massive hail storms, gusting wind storms, and powerful wind driving rain and thunderstorms! A 15 year old roof in Denver can be similar to a 30 year old roof in more temperate climates! The more you care for and maintain your roof, the more years you will be able to squeeze out of it. Similarly, it shows your homeowner’s insurance that you are being a proactive homeowner caring for your home and roof. This ensures no surprises from previous hail damage that could cause catastrophic roof failure or damage to the structural integrity of your roof.

Roof Tune Ups Are Always a Good Idea

You do not necessarily have to wait for your roof to start leaking to care for and maintain your roof. Roof tuneups can keep your roof humming at full strength for years. Typically on asphalt shingle roofs, we will see things like loose shingle, poor flashing, nail pop, adhesives failing, caulk starting to deteriorate. These can be easy fixes through a roof tuneup, including pipe boots. It is less expensive to treat these problem areas in a tuneup then to have your entire roof replaced.

If you have a flat roof, tune-ups are also a good idea. One flat roofs we tend to see thing like cracking membrane and failing seams. Adhesives can be applied to help preserve your flat roof, or have roof coatings applied to restore and extend the life of your roof.

Denver Roof Repair

Roof repairs need to be done by properly trained and certified roofing professionals. Improper roof repairs by using the wrong product or techniques can void the warranty on your roof! It is best to ask a licensed roofing professional for an honest assessment before making any repairs, as a small patch work roof repair could not only cause more complications and expenses, but cost you your manufacturer’s warranty!

Ensure that your roofer has all necessary insurance, licenses, workers comp, and the proper tools to handle the scope of your roof repair. Your roof is one of the most valuable assets to your home, and a damaged roof can lower the property and curb value of your home.

Call The Best Roofing Repair Contractor in Denver

If your roof is leaking or missing shingles, call the best Denver roof repair company in the area! Don’t wait, and let your home suffer from worsening water damage and leaks because of a compromised roof! If your roof was damaged by a recent hail or wind storm, we can help you determine whether you have enough damage to warrant a new roof from your insurance, or if minor patch-up roof repairs are a better option for you! We have been trusted by the local Denver community for years for roof repair and roof replacement services. We work on all types of roofs including flat roofs, shingle roofs, metal, commercial and slate! Find out more information by visiting or Call (720) 738-5256 for a free roofing inspection!

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