Protect Your Roof From Ice Dams

In Denver, Colorado, we are not immune to very extreme, and snowy winters. It’s important during the winter time that you protect your home by preventing ice dams from forming during the frigid months.

What is an ice dam?

An ice dam can form on your roof when a section of your roof is warmer than the eave. What happens, is the cold snow that is sitting on your roof will melt from the heat escaping in your attic which flow down to the eaves. As the melted water refreezes from the frigid temperatures, it forms as ice on top of your shingles or tiles. This weighs down on your roof, and can even tear through underlayments. Typically you’ll see an ice dam form in the roof valley from wind-driven snow.

What You Should Do To Avoid Ice Dams Forming

Ridge Vents

If you have ridge vents installed onto the top of your roof, it will allow cold air to escape through your vents. In many areas it’s even required.

Clearing Snow Build Up

If you have access to a snow-rake, you can use this to safely remove snow from your roof from the ground. This can ensure that you don’t have excessive snow on your roof forming that can either (1) turn into an ice dam or (2) cause your roof to cave in or collapse. If you do not, you may want to consider having a licensed and certified Denver roofing professional come out to help with your snow removal.

Heated Wires

Having heated wires built onto your eaves can help your roof stave off ice dams from forming.

Patch Up Any Holes

Not only can snow and water leak through your roof into your home, but heat can escape from those holes, allowing ice dams to form.

Proper Insulation

You may want to consider installing rafter air channels into your attic or crawlspace. The better insulated your roof is, the less warm air will escape, clashing with the cold air outside and on your roof.

Thermal Envelope Leak-Free

When you have warm air escaping from your home and attic, it allows for ice dams to form. You want to make sure your home is sealed off so that warm air is not escaping. Ice dams can result in expensive repairs, and leaks into your home.

Call a Denver Roofing Company That Specializes in Ice Dam Removal

If you have an ice dam that needs to be removed, give us a call today. We are one of the most trusted and reputable roofing contractors in the Denver metropolitan area. We provide full roof replacement and roof repair services. We work on all types of roofs, from asphalt shingles to tile and metal and flat roofs! Give us a call today for a free roof inspection. You can visit us at or call us at (720) 738-5256

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