Preparing Your Roof For Winter

Just like it’s not surprising to anyone that it gets cold in Colorado in the winter, it shouldn’t surprise you that the winters can bring inclement weather to Denver. Winter means the changing of the seasons, temperatures plummeting, and ice and snow inbound. For some winter is a beautiful season, bringing with it fond memories, good food and the Holidays. However, for homeowners, with winter means snow and ice dams, and it is important to stay ahead of any maintenance issues before they turn into major headaches!

In this article, we are going to look at some of the key things you should do as a homeowner, whether you’re in Denver or Aurora or Arvada, and how you can winterize your home.

Clear debris & leaves from your roof

Do you have trees that surround your home? That landscaping and shrubbery can truly add curb appeal and beauty to your home, but it can also be a problem-source. As fall approaches, and the changing of the leaves occurs, you may notice leaves all over your yard. That means leaves are equally collecting on your roof, around your chimney and valleys. Accumulating leaves and debris can allow for water to pool on your roof, causing leaks to spring up.

If it’s possible to safely reach your roof from the ground, you can attempt to use a broom to knock the debris off, or you should contact a professional. If you have a tree that is leaning up against your roof, it can rub against your shingles, causing leak spots. After a major snow storm, additional snow can weigh down on your roof on top of that debris, and pour through any potential openings.

Remove debris from your gutters

Just as it is important to have a fully functioning roofing system, your gutters are equally important to preventing leaks. Your roof’s primary function is to shed water away from your home. Your gutters collect that water and safely divert that water away from your home through your downspouts. As leaves and debris accumulates, it inhibits your gutters from functioning in the way that they are designed. This allows water to back-up in your gutters, allowing for leaks to enter your home. Shingle granules can also clog up your gutters. As your roof ages, your shingles may experience granular loss – similar to if you have a hailstorm that dislodges those granules. A professional Denver roofing company can help you to determine whether your gutters are at risk of backing up and need to be cleaned.

Inspect all seals

If you’ve climbed onto your roof before, you may notice that the pipes on your roof are sealed. That is what it should look like (in order to keep water out). Unfortunately, seals do not last forever. If a seal cracks during the cold winter, it may need to be caulked, or a boot may need to be replaced.

Open vents

Have you ever experienced ice damming to your home before? It can be a stressful experience, witnessing major icicles dangling from your home. This is an issue caused by improper ventilation and heating. Prior to winter, you should ensure that your roof vents are open and working properly. You want the attic temperature to be close to the temperature outside to prevent ice accumulation on your roof. Without a regulated attic temperature, and a high attic temperature clashing with a cold exterior temperature, it can allow for ice dam formation.

Professional Storm Damage Inspection

Winters in Denver can bring about extreme cold, and significant accumulation of snow. It is important to check on the condition of your roof prior to winter, to ensure it is in good functioning condition to avoid leak spots, or something even worse such as a roof caving in!

Every year the Denver metropolitan area experiences powerful hail and wind storms. These storms can severely damage your roof, and while the damage may not be immediately evident, over time it can exacerbate and cause major leaks and interior damage. It is important to stay on top of it. We provide one of the most thorough and comprehensive storm damage roofing inspections in the greater Denver area. We will check the health of your shingles, signs of storm damage, flashing and seals, look at your gutters to see if they are backing up, and more in our full roofing inspection.

If you are looking for a roofing contractor that you can trust in Denver, then look no further!

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